The KITE GAS/FUEL SHIP is a Mobile Wind Power Plant on the open Ocean

OCEANERGY currently develops the KITE H2 SHIP technology, which is a special form of the KITE GAS/FUEL SHIP:

Its aim is to produce green hydrogen, and deliver it to H2 terminals in a harbour, at a lower cost than with any other production technology or scenario. Low H2 production cost is possible because of the KITE H2 SHIP’s

– extraordinarily high capacity factor of 80-90% per annum,
– 100% on a normal day, leading to
– highest physical efficiencies (beyond 75%) for electrolysis
– and investment efficiencies (utilization) of the facilities on board,
– and because logistics until offload is integrated into the KITE H2 SHIP solution.

Green H2 can be produced in unlimited quantities, where there are the best wind resources on the planet, fully ecological, with no harm to sea life, outside the EEZ (exclusive economic zones) on the open ocean from wind power.

With full control over your H2 / e-fuel production facilities, with lowest geopolitical risk, with no dependencies on the politics of third countries.

The KITE H2 SHIP navigates and produces green electricity from its unique K1 Kite Propulsion system. It is the main propulsion system for the ship. Kites are most efficient to harvest wind energy, because they can be scaled to large sizes and they harvest at altitude, where the wind is stronger. It is highly effective, because wind power and wind speed are in cubic relationship.

A kite can actively fly and increase true air speed, far higher than the actual wind speed. As an example: 4 times more true air speed results in 64 times more power, and hence harvested energy.

OCEANERGY’s core competence is its unique K1 Kite Propulsion system.

KITE H2 SHIP - lowest cost H2 production on the open ocean

How the KITE H2 SHIP works

The KITE GAS/FUEL SHIP operates a kite as its main propulsion system. It produces green electricity directly, and in addition is propels the ship and additional electricity is harvested from the kinetic energy by means of (underwater) hydrokinetic turbines. We then convert the green electricity into hydrogen and store it directly or in form of H2 derivate e-fuels in tanks on board of the ship.

Representative H2 harvesting journey

The KITE GAS/FUEL SHIP will find strong and permanent wind through smart navigation, seasonal and according to the wind forecast.

Promising RES and their electricity output profile

These are the most promising RES (renewable energy sources = green electricity sources) for green hydrogen production. Depicted are examples of their typical electricity output profiles over 10 representative days. The most distinguishing factor of the KITE GAS/FUEL SHIP is its constant electricity supply, 100% on a normal day 24/7, leading to electrolysers producing non-stop with highest physical efficiencies and capacity utilisation.