OCEANERGY's mission is reliable and low-cost supply of green hydrogen or e-fuels. Intermittent green electricity alone is not sufficient to decarbonize our energy and feedstock systems. The backbone will be hydrogen or synthetic CO2-neutral e-fuels, manufactured from renewable energy sources.

Dr. Wolfram Reiners, CEO

OCEANERGY's ambition is to produce completely clean and green fuels, where nobody feels disturbed. Far out of sight on the open ocean, fully ecological, with no harm to plants, animals or ecosystems, and without using up any valuable land.

Renewable hydrogen - and e-fuels based thereon – is the oil and gas, the gold of the future. You can feed e-fuels, gaseous or liquid, into existing storage, transport and distribution infrastructures, such as tankers, pipelines, gas networks, or gas stations, and no modifications at the end-user technologies are necessary. This is the fastest form to decarbonize existing usage technologies

OCEANERGY's mission

is to develop the KITE GAS/FUEL SHIP technology, enabling low-cost production of green hydrogen or e-fuels at commercial scale from wind power.

The KITE GAS/FUEL SHIP is an RES (renewable energy source), with integrated H2 conversion and storage, and logistics until feed-in to H2 terminals, alternatively LNG or ammonia-terminals.

KITE GAS/FUEL SHIPs will be built by a partner consortium under the lead of OCEANERGY, also supplying the crucial kite propulsion system for the ship, the foundation of green electricity production. Production cost, including transport into an harbour, is targeted at well below € 2 per kg H2 (2030).

Green hydrogen or other forms of green e-fuels can be conveniently used in all energy sectors. It can be directly used to de-fossilize


Steel, cement, refineries, chemical industry

Mobility & transport

Airplanes, ships, trucks, buses, trains, cars

Heating & cooling

Buildings & water heating, industry processes, cooling

Electricity production

During times, when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine: in fuel cells, gas power plants, combined heat and power plants (CHP) and micro-turbines