The challenge is a green energy supply which is constant and reliable. Intermittent electricity sources cannot attain this goal, but only renewable synthetic fuel.

Dr. Wolfram Reiners, CEO

Our ambition is to produce completely clean and green energy, where it does not disturb anybody. Far out of sight on the open ocean and without using up any valuable land.

Synthetic natural gas – SNG – is the gold of the future. You can fed it and transport it in gas tankers, pipelines and gas networks, and no modifications at the end-user devices are necessary.

SNG or other forms of green hydrocarbon fuels can be conveniently used in all energy sectors. It can be directly used

For cooking & heating/cooling

buildings & water heating, industry process heating

For mobility & transport

in cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes

To re-gain electricity

in gas power plants, block heat and power plants (BHKW) and micro-turbines