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The KITE GAS SHIP is a mobile wind power plant on the open ocean

OCEANERGY develops the KITE GAS SHIP system, a mobile wind power plant, which harvests wind energy on the open ocean, far from land. The reason to go to the deep offshore environment is the availability of much higher wind speeds. The power gained from wind is a cubic function of the wind speed, so 2x higher wind speed means 8x more power. The main propulsion system of the KITE GAS SHIP is a kite.

A kite can actively fly and increase apparent wind speed over the actual wind.  In total the KITE GAS SHIP can harvest about 80 times more wind energy than onshore wind turbines.

How the KITE GAS SHIP works

The KITE GAS SHIP operates a kite as its main propulsion system. The kite tows the ship through water and converts this mechanical energy with underwater turbines first into electrical energy. It is then converted and stored via power-to-gas technologies as synthetic natural gas (SNG) or other synthetic fuels.

SNG is the gold of the future. It can be directly fed into gas networks and no modifications at the end-user devices are necessary. It can be used for heating, for cooking, for mobility in cars, trucks, trains and to re-gain electricity in gas power plants.

The KITE-GAS-SHIP technology can produce SNG gas at justifiable costs.